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Everybody's Coming Down

by The Good Life

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released August 14, 2015

Performed by:
Stefanie Drootin-Senseney - bass, vocals, keyboards
Ryan Fox - guitars, keyboards, vocals, electronic percussion
Tim Kasher - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Roger L. Lewis - drums, acoustic/electronic percussion

Recorded by Ben Brodin at ARC Studios in Omaha, NE, 
January 2015

Additional recording at everyone's respective homes

Mixed by John Congleton at Elmwood Recording in Dallas, TX
February 2015

Mastered shortly thereafter by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY

Artwork by Dan Black at Landland



all rights reserved


The Good Life Omaha, Nebraska

The Good Life is drummer Roger L. Lewis’s love of classic rock, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fox’s chaotic approach to melody, Stefanie Drootin-Senseney’s propulsive yet tuneful bass parts, and Tim Kasher’s deft, complementary song writing.


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Track Name: 7 in the Morning
7 in the morning and the fog is gently rolling
Timid ghosts in the garden lurk about
Everybody's coming down
Lured by lilting melody

…Maybe don't let them in the house
Track Name: Everybody
Everybody's riding the Ferris wheel
And the pinnacle's gorgeous
Everybody's trying to stay focused
To live in the moment
Once the ride is done they're back in line again
But the carnival closes at night and it's quarter to five
There's a lump in their throats
'Cause they know this is it, still they paste on a smile
And hold each other a little closer

Everybody's saddled with sadness
A longing they can't quit
Everybody knows this is transient
They're trying not to notice
This spinning world has left them dizzy and anxious
This ephemeral banquet of bliss left its tang on our lips
Must we all wait in line?
We're all bystanders of our own lives, our own loves
And it's killing us

I just want to relive that feeling of overwhelming
Again and again, is all I ask
I used to want a future perfect
Now all I want is past

Everybody's looking for closure
In a sea of disorder
Everybody's swimming in oblivion
Feeling insignificant
Track Name: The Troubadour's Green Room
I'm singing for acceptance
I'm singing for the rejection
I'm singing for attention, I'm singing,
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"

I'm singing for show and tell
I'm singing for a spot on your record shelf
I'm singing to sell myself, I'm singing,
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"

I'm singing for sympathy
I'm singing for your charity
I'm singing so you'll pity me, I'm singing—

I was young and in love with the names on the marquee
Dreaming of my face on an LP
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"
Now, I'm old and I know that the Troubadour's green room
Only looks big from the floor of the venue
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"

I'm singing for vanity
I'm singing for the world to want me
I'm singing 'cause I'm lonely, I'm singing,
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"

I'll sing about my daydreams
I'll sing about the girl on the trapeze
Always swinging just out of reach, I'm singing—

I was young I was dumb always chasing the big fish
And all the wine and roses that came with it
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"
Now, I'm old and I know that I'll never be satisfied
My kingdom just to feel self-actualized
"Oh-oh, oh-oh"

Day in, day out, 'til the wishing well runs dry
Track Name: Holy Shit
Holy shit, the Sun has set
The Moon is on the parapet of a bungalow
Where we're drinking to our lives
Holy shit, I'm a revisionist
Flapping around like a sweet bird of youth
Those days have flown the coop

Holy shit, that we even exist
All our lives we've stumbled and stammered and clamored
Up to this

Holy shit, it's 2 a.m.
The bars are closed, we're stuck again
With these fateful and fretful decisions
Holy shit, I'm not equipped for this
If my body's a temple it's crumbling
And it can't be renovated

These days, there's no mystery
No majesty, no history in the making as before
Onward, ever yonder, we wander toward the—
Holy shit—it's all just cancer and myth

Holy shit, that we even exist
All our lives we've stumbled and stammered and clamored
Just for this
Track Name: Flotsam Locked Into a Groove
Every chandelier of every twinkly golden year
Has gathered dust and no one can reach up that far
Every chardonnay of every weekend getaway
Has turned to piss trickling in the reservoir

All this will end
We're hurtling around the Sun
All this will end
A shopping mall, the Parthenon

Every candle lit for every god or cancer kid
Has flickered out and no one ever heard the prayer
Every candidate on every major syndicate
Is filled with doubt, along with every taxpayer

All this will end
We're flotsam locked into a groove
All this will end
'Cause of a tantrum the Sun threw

All this will end
The Sun will soon consume us all
All this will end
Meteors, wrecking balls
Track Name: Forever Coming Down
Each ticker tape parade
Is followed by a broom brigade
To sweep up all the mess we made
Don't let me off this float

Each smiling face I see
Reminds me of the agony
That every love ends in defeat
Don't ever let me go

In the end, we're sent to bed
We're put to sleep—but not me
I'm never coming down
Not ever coming down
Forever coming down

In our hot air balloon
The Moon hangs low and so do you
I pop a bottle of Champagne
And toast a love grown cold

Keep pushing into me
The warmth blooms to a tapestry
Why can't we live so blanketed
In the moment we explode

Flashy fireworks decay into debris—
But not me
I'm never coming down
Not ever coming down

Forever coming down
Track Name: Diving Bell
Fare thee well
Please, don't let 'em tip my diving bell

I'm lost at sea in present company
Mouths are moving like machinery
The pressure drops, my ears begin to pop
The din of cocktail hour is drifting off

Fare thee well, I'm plummeting the depths
In my diving bell…

Another Sun, another Moon
Another man could've penned another tune
He may have even looked a bit like you
Another time, another place
Another man could've made the same mistakes
And I can't take the parallels

Fare thee well
No one's gonna tip my diving bell

All I can hear in my underwater clear:
A rush of blood pounding upon my ear drums
A bathroom stall, my admiral's cabin
Water's seeping in, I fall asleep again…

Another day, another year
Another carousel through the nothingsphere
Infinitely unaware
Another me, another you
Another space I can torpedo to—
Hidden in the bathroom

Fare thee well…
I'm lost at sea, treading through these city streets
Beyond my hood the world is rippling
Track Name: Skeleton Song
I can feel it in my bones—
It's hidden
Somewhere, deep within the skin
It's living

I know the cancer is inside of me
I know the cancer is in everything

I can feel it in my bones—
It's aching
Hiding somewhere in my home
To take me

I can feel the cancer burrowing
I could see the cancer bury me

There's no cure
I am certain
An omen wallows…

Track Name: How Small We Are
Oceans and mountains: a puddle and an ant hill
What's the difference from a light year away?
Relativity is shrinking me, but I'm okay
Gotta get out out of bed and go to work
Gotta get out of work and go to bed
Wonder why a teensy thing like me
Needs so much rest

Ova and semen, a high rise full of humans
A fertile hypodermic needle skyline
A swimming sea of sexuality in the bat of an eye
Gotta get out of work and hit the clubs
Gotta dance and flirt, gotta couple up
Propagating teensy human beings is a must
All in all…

Small, we are
I can't imagine how small we are
It's got me feeling as light as air
When I think of how small we are…
And now, I'm thinking how small we are!
It's got me feeling as light as air
Light as air

Gotta stay in line, obey the law
Gotta pay your tithe and praise your god
Gotta lot of responsibility for something so small
All in all…

Light as air…
Light as air...
Track Name: Ad Nausea
All my life I've felt such discontent
For every big achievement, each award, each encore
I assume this gloom stretches to my deathbed?

Nausea, this lump in my throat
It's just nausea—it's making me choke
So sad to know this life is a hoax
Nausea, I barely exist
It's your nausea—I'm shaking my fist
At a universe that can't give a shit
Nausea, ad nausea

All my family's buying brand new houses
For their bundles of joy and their twenty couches
Then there's me, I'm wealthy with ideas

All my joy is brief and artificial
With the proper dosage I can feed my ego
Once the buzz wears off I feel so hollow

Nausea, this ache in my chest
It's just nausea—I can't catch my breath
So sad that life's indebted to death
Nausea, in fits and starts
It's your nausea—I want no part
I can't give a shit and I'm calling it art

Nausea, ad nausea
Track Name: Midnight is Upon Us
Midnight is upon us
And I fear I've been dishonest
Leaning pensively against the kitchen sink
I am ashamed of everything;
All the love that I abandoned
All the friends I took for granted
Now, I drink my troubles neat
(As you wait for me to come to sleep)

Off in the back bedroom
You lay still as a death sentence
Weighing heavily upon the inmate's mind
I am estranged of everything—
In these halls of hoary shadows
Of a life lived incomplete

We could've had a family
A littered legacy
Now, instead of photo albums
It's a house of record sleeves
And it's coming down

Up above our heads
I hear the creaking of a footstep
And the tick-tock of the cuckoo clock
I am afraid of everything
and as I peek around the corner
I spy the specter with his scythe…

Just another senseless life
To end in one fell swoop
I was certain I was special—
I guess my neurons hid the truth

I wish you'd lie to me tonight;
Hold me and tell me I'm not so bad
Tell me I made some sort of difference
That our love is more than chance

Oh, I'm coming down