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Help Wanted Nights

by The Good Life

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The songs on Help Wanted Nights were written to take place in the same small-town bar, and were initially meant as the soundtrack to a screenplay that lead-singer Tim Kasher started writing in 2006 (he's since completed it). Unlike Album of the Year's start-to-finish narratives, these songs seemed to describe moments of raw emotion more than chronicle a linear tale.

This isn't to say that the songs on Help Wanted Nights are not expansive; quite the contrary. Some songs touch on a dark version of Americana, as seen on the grand chords of "You Don't Feel like Home to Me" and the church organ hum of "Rest Your Head." Others are softer like "So Let Go," which delivers its late-night laments via hushed vocals, moonlit, reverb-driven guitars and washed out cymbals. "Heartbroke" dissects a break-up with a heavy dose of sarcasm, while "Keely Aimee" is the best song Fleetwood Mac never wrote.


released September 11, 2007

2007 Saddle Creek

Stefanie Drootin (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Ryan Fox (electric guitar, electric piano, organ)
Tim Kasher (vocals, acoustic & electric guitar)
Roger Lewis (drums)

Ian Aeillo (bass synth on 6, air organ & half guitar on 8)
AJ Mogis (backing vocals on 4, tympani on 8)
Nate Walcott (organ on 10)

Recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha, NE, on and off from January into April, 2007.

Engineered and mixed by AJ Mogis.

1, 3 & 7 mixed by Mike Mogis.

Additional engineering by Ian Aeillo.

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Studio B in Omaha, NE.

Artwork and layout by Zack Nipper.

Thanks to AJ, Mike, Ian, Nate and Zack for making time for and contributing to this record. And to everyone we played badminton with over the summer while working on this record–it was fun.

All songs by The Good Life, 100th and Blondo Music (SESAC)/Obitre Nesco Sounds (ASCAP)/Backyard Cricket (ASCAP)/Tyrone Storm Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Good Life Omaha, Nebraska

The Good Life is drummer Roger L. Lewis’s love of classic rock, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fox’s chaotic approach to melody, Stefanie Drootin-Senseney’s propulsive yet tuneful bass parts, and Tim Kasher’s deft, complementary song writing.


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Track Name: On The Picket Fence
Things are good, we should take a Polaroid;
a memento before the moment's destroyed.
We constantly bicker, these flickering moods,
'til we're hardly making any sense...
Either you love me or you leave me -
don't you leave me on this picket fence.

It's been hard, we've both got our histories,
that haunt these halls, but I ain't bathing in our misery.
So, pour me a drink and don't pour it too weak,
and grab it from the top shelf.
I ain't asking for redemption,
and this ain't no cry for help.

When things are good we take it all for granted.
We turn that wheel back to all our bad habits.
But I don't believe we need love to succeed,
but the least you could do is pretend.
Either you love me or you leave me,
don't you leave me on this picket fence.

Either you love me or you leave me...
don't you leave me.
Track Name: A Little Bit More
You flipped the sign in your window,
but, baby, are you really closed?
I've got nowhere else to run to,
I sure as hell ain't running home.
We could crash back at your apartment,
I'll sleep on the floor -
give me just a little bit more,
can't you give me just a little bit more.

I never knew what I was missing,
and frankly, I was better off.
You let me drink from your cup,
and now I don't know how to stop.
I've been pounding and pleading at your window,
sadly ignored - I wanted just a little bit more.
I wanted just a little bit more...
You loved me then you locked your doors.

I thought we were painting a bigger picture;
now I know the score -
I want it just a little bit more.
You fooled me into thinking I was special,
but you're a liar and a whore -
it makes me want you just a little bit more.

I want you just a little bit more,
baby, don't you make me go home.
Track Name: Heartbroke
You stopped stopping by to say hello.
You started starting up each time I phone.
I only call when I get the blues,
you'd think at least I could turn to you.
But I'm sure your heart is breaking too.

It's getting better every day,
but I still reserve the right to complain to you.
That being said, I rarely do;
you left me with nothing left to lose.
But I'm sure your heart is breaking too.

I see you found a way to pass the time.
(You'd like him, he's a lot like you)
I didn't see you getting saddled up so soon.
(Babe, I know you'll find somebody too)
Maybe another week to recoup -
It's never easy but we'll make it through.
Yeah, I'm sure your heart is breaking too.

I can't imagine how hard it's been.
On second thought, you don't seem to give a shit.
You claim your pain but where's the bruise?
Yeah, I'm sure your heart is breaking too.
Track Name: Your Share Of Men
I'm sure you've had your share of men,
I'd be honored to be one of them.
You're a fool for the wounded,
I'm a man in need of bandages.
So, wrap me up and take me home,
your lover's off doing god only knows,
who... but baby, I'm aching,
One man's bed is another man's gurney.

You've been learning to fight,
that man by your side has toughened your skin.
You should learn to forget,
your first lesson's tonight;
so, what was that son of a bitch's name again?

So the footprints of time have tread lines on your face.
Is your life half done or only half begun?
'Cause baby, I could be born again.
One man's bed is another man's resurrection.

You've been learning too much,
the more that you know is the less you trust.
You should learn to let go,
the less you hold onto, is the more we can love.

La-la-la, la-la, la-la,
Forget about your man...
La-la-la, la-la, la-la,
Don't second guess, just take my hand!
the night is young, so why aren't you?!
Remember when you had your share of men?
Track Name: You Don't Feel Like Home To Me
He sees her face in the highway signs,
in the traffic lights, and she's turning red.
And in the motel, on a double bed,
he swears he feels her lying there.

And she whispers in his ear,
"You can't run away forever,"

but sometimes,
that feels like coming home to me,
it feels like coming home to me.
But the further off I get,
the more I get upset -
I can never make it home.

She sees his face in the sweat stained sheets,
in the dirty cups,
they keep on piling up.
And in the backyard, so overgrown,
in the dandelions that peek
through the cracks in the patio.
And she swears she hears the phone,
but she only gets a dial tone.
Still, she imagines what she'd say,
"If you feel like coming home to me,
yeah, if you feel like coming home to me,
if you feel like coming home to me,
I'll be waiting at the door,
there's nothing to be sorry for...
So, why can't you call me home.

You don't feel like coming home to me,
'cause you ain't even calling home to me,
You don't feel like coming home to me.

Well, that's the game you choose,
but you don't have to play the loser.
Track Name: Keely Aimee
Keely Aimee sat next to me,
my hairs stood up on end.
Keely Aimee, maybe one night
we could be better friends.

I know this town's been hard on you,
I've seen the neighbor's close their shades.
But, Keely, they've got their secrets too,
so you fell in some mud,
you haven't fallen from grace.

Keely Aimee, I'm sure you dreamed
you'd do far greater things.
But, Keely, I wish you wouldn't dwell
on what could and couldn't be.

I know how dreams can let you down,
I've had some rude awakenings.
But, Keely, I still go back to sleep,
in the dead of night you spring to life for me.

Keely Aimee, I know this world
is such a heavy weight.
And Keely Aimee, those crow's feet perched
at such an early age.
But I'd help you shoo those birds away,
if the burden's just too much.
See, Keely, I love your suffering,
like gravity loves a stumbling drunk.

So, Keely Aimee, lay next to me,
rest your head against mine.
In all of the world,
I've never known a sadder valentine.
And when we're asleep,
we'll dream of a city
towering into the clouds.
We'll run through the streets anonymously,
a whole new life,
if only we knew how.

Keely Aimee, if only we knew how.
Track Name: Playing Dumb
There's no talk of future plans,
there's no romance,
there's no good reason we should be in love -
so, I've been making shit up.
We're even sleeping in different beds -
different schedules -
or, that's the best excuse you came up with.
Good enough that it still sticks.

Still, I'm not tired of you holding out
for something better to come along.
I'm not tired of being let down,
I'm tired of playing dumb.

There's no talk of where you've been,
though the evidence
keeps creeping its way into our happy home.
I hardly notice anymore.
Matchbooks from the other side of town,
those long, aching looks
into other people's yards...
but that can't be what you want.

I'm not tired of you coming home too late,
or when you don't come home at all.
I can handle being alone,
I'm just tired of playing dumb.

There's no talk of how I am,
I'm not complaining,
but maybe a few kind words
once in a while.
Track Name: Some Tragedy
I must've seemed to you a shipwreck,
I looked at you I saw an island.
So, I was swept ashore
to lie forever more,
or, at least for the evening.

So, we went to your apartment.
We shared a drink out in the garden;
you thought I must've pulled
this kind of shit with any willing fool,
I shrugged, and asked if that's a problem.

And so we loved, if for an instant,
and for an instant I forgot who I was.
So, for the night, I was all yours.
And sure, it was fleeting,
and I'm sure, a bit misleading,
we were just two people in need,
it doesn't have to be
some fucked up tragedy.

I hope I didn't seem too vulgar
when I asked to come over.
It's just these last few weeks,
well, they've been hard on me,
see, I got burned,
and I can't seem to recover.

And so we loved, or so it seemed,
and as I slept I dreamt of
Romeo and Juliet,
but Romeo was just playing dead.
And sure, it's just a dream,
and I'm sure, it holds no meaning,
but on this sober, hungover morning
why's it always gotta be
such a fucked up tragedy.

I tried to tell you but I couldn't,
I wanted to warn you,
but I need you so bad,
I mean, right now, you're all I have.
Track Name: So Let Go
We could recognize our faults,
we could admit when we're wrong,
we could try to talk things out
instead of yelling from the wells of our lungs.
But we don't.

We could try and patch things up,
syphon out the bad blood,
we could set our pride aside,
ignore our egos for the night
and make love.
But we won't.

We insist we'll be all right,
these wounds will heal themselves with time,
all we have to do
is stick it through a few more months
and we'll be fine.
But we know.

You could finally tell me off,
but I've got a feeling you won't,
you keep lying to yourself,
but the truth is you're afraid of letting go.
So let go.

So let go.
Track Name: Rest Your Head
What are you really after?
What are you hoping to gain?
If nothing has ever pleased you,
what makes you think you've changed?
You're running in circles, darling,
from bed back to bed.
Tell me what you're really after,
then baby, just rest your head.

Who are you really after?
Who are you trying to find?
Who is that certain someone
that's kept you awake all those nights?
You think it's just puzzle pieces,
but they never fit right.
If you can't see
who you're really after,
then baby, you're blind.

Why are you always searching?
Why are you always undone?
You lurk in the darkest corners
awaiting some heavenly ascension.
You know you won't find it in liquor
or that stuff your friend does.
But, come on, we've all had our stumbles,
and some nights it almost feels like love.

So, what are you really after?
Who are you trying to find?
Why are you so hard on yourself?
It's only life, and it's only tonight.
I'll pick up a six-pack at last call,
we'll stay up drinking in bed.
You can tell me what you're really after,
then baby, just rest your head.

Rest your head.